Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Add Your Comments To Articles

To add you thoughts, observations, or opinions to any article, simply click on the "comments" link at the bottom of any article and follow the instructions. It is that easy.

If you have general comments about this site or fashion in general, simply leave them as a comment to this posting.


  1. Fashion ok
    What about the heavy childern?
    My daughter has to wear small ladies clothing! And she watches kids her age with clothing that is in stye as they say, and she is sad inside. she looks at clothes at the stores and wants to wear some of them but they do not fit her what is up with that ah? I'm am upset with the peopel that set the trend. OK some of the clothing styes suck in my book but they set it to a size setting. It sadings me to see my little girl wanting to wear some clothing styes and she knows that there are to small and she gets upset each time when I take her shopping fpor clothing. My daughter is a active little girl as other childern she is not lazy! Her size is her size! Get with it people you should work for all people sizes.
    Up set father
    PS. some times they do fit put after you wash them they do not fit her. I also have boughten clothing for her to wear just that one time after they are dirty and I do know that they will not fit her after the wash!

  2. Hello

    I would recomend not to put them in the dryer, you can hang dry them.....secondly you can wash them with cold water to avoid shrinkage!!!!

    Selin Umruk
    Celine's Boutique & Gifts
    Del Mar, Ca

  3. God is the foundation of all evil.

  4. Thank you, I found your information helpful.

  5. GENERAL FASHION COMPLAINT: Once upon a time, I used to enjoy shopping. It was not hard to find glamorous, stylish clothes in pretty colors that were flattering, whether for career, everyday casual or special occasions. Now I dread shopping. Everything is so blah and boring. And practically everything is black. I'M SICK OF BLACK! If it isn't black, it's some other drab color like grey, brown, olive green (I'm not in the Army!), etc. What is wrong w/fashion designers? I know I speak for a lot of women (because we all talk to eachother about it) when I say . . . ENOUGH BLACK ALREADY!!! Bring back COLOR! Vibrant colors, pastel colors, gorgeous colors! FASHION DESIGNERS, LISTEN UP: you are boring us to death! Who wants to look drab and blah? Certainly not me!
    And the styles -- ugh! I went looking for a career suit today -- it was so depressing! The Fall 2008 styles are for fat, dumpy women! The "in" jacket this year is some big, baggy thing with dolman sleeves and it's everywhere! Available, of course, in black, brown and grey (what else?). It makes you look pregnant! Needless to say, I didn't buy anything. I just keep starving myself on 1 meal/day so that I can still fit into my well-made, glamorous, classic suits and career dresses from 15 years ago. Good thing I used to buy a lot of clothes before glamour died!!!

  6. Have you all checked out They have taken the 4 body types Apple, Pear, Rectangle, & hour glass and turned them all into fruit. It is an online store where you shop by body type. It even has a video to help people figure out their body type if they are unsure.The big thing I learned was you are what you are whether you are a size 2 or a size 22. I'm an Apple and losing weight will not change my body type. The clothes are super cute and affordable.